Trump’s Properties Could Thrive With Proposed Budget Cuts To the EPA

The Trump administration plans to cut more funding from the Environmental Protection Agency, but this time the cuts would end up benefitting the president’s property assets.

If the budget cuts pass, it will ultimately defund the Energy Star Program. The Energy Star Program was founded 1992 to save energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions. It also provides a rating on energy efficient hotels, condominiums and office buildings.

Most of Trump’s properties tend to be rated low on energy efficient according to the Energy Star Plan except for two buildings. The most recent scores from 2015 reveal that 11 of his 15 skyscrapers in New York, Chicago and San Francisco are less energy efficient than most comparable buildings, according to CNN. On a scale of 1 to 100 for energy efficiency, Manhattan’s old Mayfair Hotel, which Trump converted into condos, rated a 1.

There has not been any comment from the Trump Organization or the White House on defunding the Energy Star Program. However, more than a thousand U.S. companies urged congress this week to preserve the program this week.


Image provided by: Consumers Union. The image shows the accomplishments of the Energy Star Program since being founded in 1992. 



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