EPA Website Reflects Trump’s Climate Change Agenda

Shortly after taking office, President Trump ordered a temporary media blackout for the Environmental Protection Agency while stopping the agency from awarding new contracts or grants. Now, the Trump administration has begun altering the EPA website to reflect its climate change agenda.

A report from the nonprofit Environmental Data and Governance Initiative stated, the report found that there were several potentially significant changes to the EPA’s climate change section on a portion of the agency’s website that focuses on federal partner collaborations. Most telling is a title change, from “Federal Partner Collaboration” to “EPA Adaptation Collaboration.”

This title change signifies that Trump is not embracing climate change mitigation, but instead he is taking an adaptation approach to climate change. Climate change mitigation is when action is taken to reduce the long-term risks and hazards of climate change, where as, adaption is simply adjusting to the already existing condition. With this approach, there will be repercussions to come, and this is only one of the many changes listed in the article.


Changes made to EPA website. Photo provided by Yahoo. Follow the story link to find more pictures about the changes in the EPA website.



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